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Attitude For Selling

Selling is everyone's businessand when it's not, you're in trouble ...
Think about it... Remember the time you decided not to go back to a company,because the shipping clerk sent you the wrong item,the receptionist was cold & surly,the manager didn't have time to talk to a mere customer,the doctor had you wait two hours.
That's selling . . . negative selling.
Remember - everyone sells,and not just externally, but internally as well.
When you want a raise,you sell your boss on your skills & value.
When you set new policies and procedures you sellthese to your staff in a way they can accept,or you'll soon find they'll ignore them . . .When you expect more of your staff than you're willingto properly train and supervise them for,you're whistling up a hollow tree,because they're only as good as the training you give them.
But there's more to selling than that.
Selling is knowing . . .Who's your competition?Who's your customer, client, patient or public?And what's important -- you or them?
Selling is knowing . . .What your service, idea, or product is - and isn't;what your public's needs are;and what services or products you offer to fit those needs.
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