Attitude For Selling

Attitude For Selling

Selling is everyone's businessand when it's not, you're in trouble ...
Think about it... Remember the time you decided not to go back to a company,because the shipping clerk sent you the wrong item,the receptionist was cold & surly,the manager didn't have time to talk to a mere customer,the doctor had you wait two hours.
That's selling . . . negative selling.
Remember - everyone sells,and not just externally, but internally as well.
When you want a raise,you sell your boss on your skills & value.
When you set new policies and procedures you sellthese to your staff in a way they can accept,or you'll soon find they'll ignore them . . .When you expect more of your staff than you're willingto properly train and supervise them for,you're whistling up a hollow tree,because they're only as good as the training you give them.
But there's more to selling than that.
Selling is knowing . . .Who's your competition?Who's your customer, client, patient or public?And what's important -- you or them?
Selling is knowing . . .What your service, idea, or product is - and isn't;what your public's needs are;and what services or products you offer to fit those needs.

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Ok Man

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Wah gak dhong

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numpang lewat

June 7, 2008 at 12:40 PM

apa yang dikemukakan bambang harymurti berdasarkan paradigma seorang jurnalis yang memang sudah biasa membuat perbandingan2, hehehehe .... tapi dalam realitas yang sesungguhnya implementasi ide2 briliannya tak semudah orang mengupas kulit pisang. ide2 semacam itu perlu mendapat persetujuan dengan DPR yang rata2 bermulut barongan. tapi sekadar wacana, ide2 bambang mudah2an bisa menjadi inspirasi para pengambil kebijakan.

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